Saturday, December 29, 2007

Lose Yourself In The Music

Three things I learned in the five minutes i spent watching 8 Mile last night:

Eminem's skills as a rapper are hard to pin down. There's no doubt that his flows are unique, and the stresses he puts on particular words unusual, but really, that doesn't make a megastar. I have a feeling it's just his potty mouth that does it.

Britanny Murphy, though now extremely thin, still dances like she has some weight to throw around.

And, finally, apparently it's still ok to call people 'faggots'. Eminem's justification for this later in the movie ("Paul's gay, but you're a faggot.") plus the appearance of a positive token gay character doesn't wash with me. The guy's homophobic as all fuck, and his scriptwriters are too. There. I said it.

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