Sunday, March 9, 2008

Almost Feels Ok.

Ok, so I've just walked in the door and flicked on the TV, and managed to catch the end of Wedding Crashers. Which, as we all probably know, features the Weakerthans singing Aside. I know this pisses a lot of people off, and really, I agree with them. In terms of values it's totally fucked. But when I'm watching something that already has totally fucked values, that's kinda a moot point. So, moral issues aside, I've gotta say, when I hear music I love on TV or in movies, I'm always totally stoked. That's right, like a surfer stoked. It's not because I feel some kind of validation when some Hollywood exec shines their light on my subculture, but rather that I just fucking love to unexpectedly hear songs I'm totally into. I haven't listened to radio in years (other than the infamous Montreal classic rock station CHUMFM, which seemed to be playing Tom Cochrane's Life is a Highway every time I got into the car), I don't watch Rage or any cable equivalent, and - this is true - I have never been to an alternative nightclub, such as Bang or Switch or Goo. So when I hear some song I'm totally obsessed with - you know, without putting it on myself - it pretty much makes my day.

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