Sunday, October 12, 2008

We Are Warriors, Great Exploriors.

Old mate Katie Lansell went and bought herself a new bike the other day. I bumped into her a week or so later. "I rode 34 kilometres today!" she exclaimed, pretty damn proud of herself. Katie's expression at this point perfectly illustrated my favourite thing about biking - that it significantly expands your radius of possible destinations (a phrase I just coined, just then, and may well copyright). Before, when she was getting around on foot, her radius was probably five kilometres, tops. Add PT into the equation and it probably pushed out to ten or fifteen - because let's face it, no one wants to spend that long on the freaking tram. But with her new bike, Katie can go wherever she wants to, and she can go further than ever before. The best factor, however, is this: the radius keeps expanding. As she keeps riding she'll get fitter and fitter, and be capable of rides way beyond her current abilities. There are about a billion good reasons to ride, but this is easily my favourite.


vegan pulse said...

hell yeah. bikes rule !!!!!!!!

nikcee said...

when i should be working i'm randomly sampling past posts of your...

theres about 1/2hr of conversation (at least) about what i learnt about indigenous relations while in western canada. i would have added it to that post, but i dont feel like bignoting my understudied views. needless to say i liked your post on oka (and referencing p-gandhi will always get my approval).

but as a remark on this post... while on the cranky sunday ride i looked around and of the 10+ people there i'd say only 2 know where we were. some had varying concepts of our location (nNorth of brighton, south-east of caulfield, in suburbia).

for all the derision aimed at the ride (and some of it is valid) we had a bunch of people way out of where they normally go, riding and chatting and sharing knowlege. trusting entirely in a some of the group (me) who probably had less of an idea where we were then they did (but i have a lot of experiences wandering in geogrpahically unfamiliar locations).

there is something to be said for the erosion of personal boundaries (and not telling people how far you think the ride is actually foing to be).