Thursday, December 4, 2008

Are You Holding On?

Apparently riding your bike doesn't always have to be about pain, suffering and going really really fast. Picture used entirely without permission. Sorry Genevieve.


Mel said...

Where's her fucking helmet? I'm sick of seeing these free-spirited bullshit photos of chicks riding around without helmets on.

Natasha said...

Boys do it too you know.

Mel, I'm baffled by your extreme resentment of all things cycling but you should probably take stock of the fact that riding IS enjoyable and that doing it without a helmet somewhere harmless like a deserted sidestreet IS free spirited and even more enjoyable. If you don't like that, probably don't look. Cos launching a campaign against it is utterly senseless.

Tara Jayne said...

hahaha, "photos of chicks" ?
That photo is adorable!

vegan pulse said...

this photo is damn adorable isn't it !!!!!