Sunday, August 30, 2009

Treated Like A Goddamn Step-Child.

Skid comp was this arvo, and the weather held out. I yelled and heckled and talked to folks and even squirted my Team Handsome teammate's crotch with water while he was trying to win his first ever game of foot down, but didn't ride. Sure, I copped some flack about that, and was seriously tempted to join in the Circle of Attrition (which was an elimination race with a fancy name), but fuck, I've been hurt and sick and out of form enough lately not to want to risk a stupid injury having dumb fun.

And there certainly were stupid injuries on display - some hipster slid along his face in the skid comp, with only his dreadlocks for protection; Matty B got taken out of the elimination when some girl pulled out of the race without looking; and Lane seriously split his fucking head open in the skid comp final. While still lying on the ground he reached for his beer and refused all offers of a trip to emergency. I think I saw his brain.

It turned out to be a fucking fun day nonetheless. Nik Cee won a Schwinn Madison in the raffle, and someone produced three boxes of bananas late in the day, which I almost enjoyed more than Nik enjoyed his new whip. Thanks to Dimos and all the sponsors for getting on board.


caseymoira said...

i don't know where those bananas came from but they were pretty awesome.

nikcee said...

i got home and i'm not sure if dawn was more amazed by all the bananas i pulled out of my bag or the banana yellow bike.

they were supplied by an ex-driver (for a courier company) who now drives an ambulance (i think - thats what he told me when i was running 'big trouble...' and he offered medical assistance). i think he has a weekend job at queen vic markets (thus the bananas). really nice guy... cant remember his name though.

Alex said...

well he provided medevac the day thorin and i both ate shit in town. dammit i've forgotten his name again. crusty. cranky?