Thursday, September 24, 2009

Use It To Burn.

Ok, here's my dilemma. I love racing in alleycats. It's what I consider to be my roots, where I began my life as a competitive cyclist. They're also fucking rad - there's not much better in the world than smashing it through traffic with a bunch of your friends. It's a combination of speed and - dare I say it - recklessness that is hard to top. And on October 4th, there's an alleycat - the Fix Up Look Sharp event pictured above. Which looks like it could be pretty damn cool. I've been asked to be a part of a strong team which has a strong chance of a podium finish. Yep. No reason why I wouldn't be a part of this, right?

Well, there is one. My newest love - and perhaps the one I'm currently most passionate about - is racing track. It's what I've been training for over the past year or so. And on the track, my strengths are obviously the sprints. Which leads me to the heart of my dilemma - the ABOC Summer Sprint Series has its first round on October 4th. And while the sprints start at 1pm sharp and the alleycat doesn't allegedly start until 3, I don't think there's any chance of me making it to the music bowl in time - or in shape - for the race. So I have to choose. Which is where you, patient readers, come in. Tell me which one I should choose - and why - and I'll make a choice based on your expert opinions. You're up to that, right? I can trust you.


Death Race said...

Go with the alley cat for the following reasons:
1. to support what is still (comparitively) an underground event.
2.To show the n00bs your skillz
3. So i can heckle you from afar wearing nothing but bib knicks (i actually kinda wanna do this)
4. more chance of higher winning position (which is not to detract from your sweet skillz on the track)

Bleve said...

I can't comment on your decision either way (I'm the race director for the aSSS, I'm not unbiased :) ) but I can say that you won't make it to the AC if you race the aSSS *and* if you pull out of the aSSS please do it quickly so I can give your spot to someone else!

sometimes said...

alley it. sprint is the first of a series...think of missing the sprints like turning up fashionably late to a party, and the crowd will be even more expectant, edgier and eager to see the lightening and who knows, give them more time to craft even wittier signage! huzah!

Anonymous said...

race the alley so i can cruise in ur slipstream

Philthy said...

Do the ABOC SSS because Matt Bowen has already stated:
- Hey jerk,
You might as well bypass all this racing bullshit and just give me the prizes because I am going to win them all. Except for the one that you get coming last.
Get fucked,

eleanor said...

I encourage tossing a coin.

Often I find that, having relegated some crucial life choice the moronic chance of a coin, the right situation presents itself.

Sometimes, though, it goes down like this:

And then you're riding in the alley cat.

nikcee said...

i know you'd expect me to say alleycat, but i can see why you are challenged in this decision.

i think that as it is a series there is an argument for missing the first one and coming in from 'left field' to surprise them in the later races.

of course of you show to the alleycat i've less chances of getting a prize, but i dont really need another patch kit ;)

another factor will be your fitness... if you are still hurt, you can have more 'fun' at the alleycat - team up with some less quick riders and help them out, or turn up on a cruiser and have roll around town heckling CPs.