Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Keep Having To Tell Myself That This Is Real.

I'm sure I've mentioned this once or twice over the past few weeks, but lately I've been feeling a bit flat. A cold came along and knocked me on my ass, just in time for the Brunswick Club Track Champs, the Sid Patterson Grand Prix, the Melbourne Cup On Wheels and the Bendigo International Madison. I battled through the first, am intent on suffering through the second and third this weekend, but don't think I have what it takes to charge on through the last.

Which kinda sucks, because I really love racing in Bendigo. Nath and I have been to their club racing on Thursday nights a bunch of times. The quality of the racing is very good, the track is fast and the crowd (I know! A crowd!) is welcoming and appreciative. Furthermore, I kinda have an emotional connection to the Madison weekend, as it was my first ever track open, around about this time last year. I had a win, as well as a couple of places, and remember thinking to myself that I could go alright at this racing malarkey. I've been up to my neck in it ever since.

And really, that's part of the problem. As in any sporting endeavour, cycling is all about convincing our bodies to do things they really don't want to do. And for the most part, our bodies go along with us. They take shape the way we want them to, react how we expect them to, keep going when they probably shouldn't. But eventually, at some point, they need a break. And if we don't give them one, we get sick.

So, while I still may head up to Bendigo on the Sunday, to watch some of my newest friends go around and around in circles without me, I won't be racing. In fact, aside from club racing and the occasional criterium, I don't think I'll be doing much racing at all until the State Men's Omnium Championships in April. And after that I'll be taking a break from track altogether. If anyone has long rides, coffee dates, stupid adventures or just good ol' fashioned shenanigans planned for the end of April, and perhaps the whole month of May, let me know.

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eleanor said...

Poor tofu duck. You can sit with Aron and me at the sidelines either way...Or if you do decide to push it and race, I'll give you my best heckling.