Monday, March 22, 2010

I Consider It A Measure Of My Humanity.

I don't know Marx (well, other than Karl and his brothers Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo), but I gotta love his attitude to racing.

The best thing about this is, he keeps coming back.

"The thing is, winners do it easy. They have support, natural talent & people cheering for them, slapping them on the back all the time, getting awards, trophies & prizes for just about everytime they throw a leg over a bike.

But me, I’m rolling through when people are packing up. When I look at results I always start at the bottom & work my way up. No one to cheer me on, or pass me a biddon. I have to lay my bike on the ground in the pits, I get the dirt in my face & cop all the rutts. I take the B line & have to walk the tricky bits when course is blocked with riders. I have to pick up after myself & pack it all away at the end of the day. I know every km of the drive back from Mt Beauty & Forrest after a long, long ride. I wash my bike, my gear, clean out the camping gear & vacuum the car so my wife can use the car the next morning. I know how much brake pads & cassettes cost & how long it takes to fit them. My hands are always dirty. When I get caught in the rain, I have to ride home in the rain. In winter I ride at night because I have to do everything else during the day."

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Death Race said...

Do you even have time to listen to punk anymore? All this cycling, looking at blogs about cycling, correcting ignorant people's grammar on cycling forums, can't be healthy.