Monday, May 31, 2010

Living On A Little Too Much Information.

This is my second year of competitive cycling. Things are pretty different this time around. This time around I get up early in the morning in order to do a bunch of stretches and core strengthening exercises (some of which occur on a gigantic purple exercise ball). I barely go to shows. I've abandoned the brick-shaped breakfast cereal that served me well for over fifteen years in order to include more protein in my diet. I don't buy records. I go to bed early. When I go out for a ride I wear a heartrate monitor. I do ergo sessions on the indoor trainer on a Tuesday night, rather than race track. On Wednesday nights I go to pilates class, then get a massage.

Last year, when I was just learning the ropes, I was training hard, but it was like an addition to my regular life. This year I'm training smarter, and my regular life looks a bit different. I mean, that's ok. It's just different. And if it results in me going faster, well, that's pretty good. If not, well, I guess things are going to have to change yet again.


Death Race said...

I find shows to be excellent side training. No need to abandon your old life entirely!

Anonymous said...

gahhhhhhh no records? even old people need records. do you want a mixtape?

conrad said...

You're getting middle aged (soon you'll notice your record collection hasn't been updated for years, and that you're still listening to that Pixies album you bought in 1988 and Einsterzende Neubaten Album in 1989, or whatever the equivalent for you is), and falling for strange beliefs, like eating lots of protein does something. If you search through the scientific literature, the most you can absorb is about 2.1 g for each kilo you weigh, which isn't hard to get if you are eating lots of beans and other such stuff.

Here's a good quote by Haile Gebrsellasie (the best long distance runner ever).

I eat a lot of carbohydrates and I don’t care too much about protein, just a little protein,” he says.
From here:

Dunno how you put up with ergo sessions either. I'd rather ride around in the rain.

Anonymous said...

I keep checking back here, vainly hoping for a return to reviews of punk gigs, but, alas.

Ben said...

There is no smoking in bars a gig venues anymore,so theres no excuses,i remember coming back from gigs and barely breathing and smelling like shit from passive smoking all night.

bill posters said...

you goal oriented people bring a tear to my eye. hope you win something someday, else it was you what killed punk. ha ha. so there.