Thursday, July 1, 2010

Potholes In My Lawn.

This is one of the most brutal self-assessments I've seen. This kind of honesty is rare in any sport, let alone cycling, where braggadocio and self-promotion are as important as race results. Neil neglects to mention in this post that as well as being fucking strong, he shreds like Enron on the singletrack. Singlespeed worlds are waiting for you, brother.


Neil Robinson said...

I'm my hardest critic, if I don't tell me when I'm shit, who will?

Thankfully it all gets balanced by the fact I'm also my most one eyes supporter. It's hard not to be when I'm this pretty.

Neil Robinson said...

Cheers dude, I was in a pretty dark mood after that race. Still, I figure why go half arsed at something? Self evaluation is no exception.

a link that may be of interest regarding attitude.

bill posters said...

Ol' mate needs to start with the no beer, no ice cream and eat more fruit programme... wonders why he's a tubber... ha ha. Else, he could just ride for fun onstead of looking for external validation.