Sunday, September 19, 2010

Does He Wonder Where I Am?

Today I was looking at the stats from this blog and realized that there were some pretty distinct disadvantages to having a blog with the word "fuck" in the title. So I changed it. Feel free to update your bookmarks, etc. Rest assured the content will not deviate from the usual self-indulgent drivel. Some things you just can't change.


ALex Millar said...

im curious. how were u able to tell that people were not visiting or leaving it early because of the word Fuck?

brendan said...

google analytics tells me what people searched in order to arrive at this blog. some of the terms were disturbing. so it wasn't that people weren't visiting - rather that they were, for the wrong reasons.

Tim said...

No wonder I couldn't fucking find it !

Ian Human said...

That's the best bit about it Brendan!

Some of my favourites are:

'africans fuckings'

'cunts that fuck'

and my favourite:

'tibetan clits'.