Monday, March 28, 2011

I Consider It A Measure Of My Humantiy.

It's not really fair of me to say that I'd been back training one day when I injured myself, when really the pain in my knee raised its ugly head the day before. I mean, it's obviously funnier to describe it that way, and that's why I'm running with it. Good humour means more to me than medical precision right now. I'm pretty fucking bummed. I know I complained quite a bit about starting back on the program, and getting up at 6am on Monday was a complete shock to the system, but I was kinda looking forward to it. It was all part of the plan, you see. I was going to take two weeks off, then start up training again and come back even stronger than before. But this injury, whatever it is, is not part of the plan. It's a setback, and setbacks do not feature in my goals for this year. Yep, pretty unimpressed.

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