Thursday, April 7, 2011

How You Going To Kick It?

Hey, Sime left some root beer in my fridge. I'm perhaps the only straight edger in the entire universe who doesn't like root beer. If you like root beer, you should come around and drink it for me. Especially if you are Sime and you're still thirsty.

On to other matters now: I've started training again, and despite my body being in a constant state of soreness, I'm still totally stoked on it. Last night I was belting it home through Newport, trying to keep my heartrate in the right zone despite the enforced breaks of traffic lights, cars and railway crossings. It wasn't a totally hard ride, but it was a level of intensity I hadn't touched for almost a month now. And it was fun as shit. Tomorrow's three hours on the road - and the three and a half hours on Sunday - should involve me crashing back to Earth, gritting my teeth through each passing minute, but until then, I've never been happier to be back.

After that three and a half hours on Sunday I'm taking off to a part of the country without internet or mobile phone reception. It does, however, receive signals from SBS Broadcasting, so I'll still be able to watch the John Pilger / Paris-Roubaix double on Sunday night (radical politics and competitive cycling in one night!), but I'm sorry to say I won't be able to come to any of your parties. Bummer. I'll be back on Thursday though, and will be down to party immediately thereafter.


Anonymous said...

Is root beer just like ginger beer? I've never known, been to scared to ask.

Anonymous said...

Organic,conventional or generic root beer? Either way please don't let it go to waste!