Sunday, October 2, 2011

Moral ABCs.

In light of the sunny weather and marked increase in bicycle traffic, perhaps now is a good time to re-direct your attention to this post. Just sayin', folks.


masher said...

Ah, "Hugo and the Treats" Where are they now ? Did you ever wonder ?

Nope ?

Neither did I.

scooter said...

You know you left out the number 1 source of noise?
First point to check is always the chainring bolts.
BITD I was watching a mechanic look for unfound noise source. I kept telling him that it was the chainring bolts, he was convinced that as they had been loctited, it couldn't be them. I proceeded to watch him pull the whole drivetrain apart, cleaning, regreasing and rebuilding and still no noise solution. And then he tightened the chainring bolts. Bingo, problem solved. I quickly left the shop with my smug bastard smile before he hit me with a heavy tool.