Saturday, October 8, 2011

Quitters Never Win.

Like I said here, I needed to make a decision about how I was going to spend my time next year. So I did. I quit the DDCX organizing committee. And it felt damn good. Immediately I felt more relaxed, less burdened, and like I had more time. And, while we're being honest, I gotta say, lately I've felt about as emotionally attached to cyclocross as I do to Kunstradfahren, so the decision to leave hasn't been too painful.

Nath said to me a while back, as I progressed through the cycling ranks, that at some point it's going to get a whole lot less fun. This hasn't exactly happened - I had more fun racing last Tuesday night than I've ever had before, I reckon - but I am definitely doing less other fun stuff outside cycling. If there is a balance there, if less non-cycling fun means more cycling fun, I'm not sure. But I got about three more years of this in me, and I'm itching to see how much further I can go.


eleanor said...

So, do we get to say we knew you back when...?

Good luck consolidating, you've given me food for thought a plenty. I hope the results are there on the other side.

Spiro said...

while disappointed to hear you won't be part of the team arranging the best CX south of the border, awesome to hear it's about you now!

will we still be hearing your dulcet tones over the mic???

nexus said...

Your efforts in DDCX are much appreciated by all I'm sure.

Where the hell are they going to get another commentator who can call an afternoon of racing and still have more, much more, left?!