Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Become Good Friends

A few random ideas while watching Neighbors:

When Didge tackles Riley in the opening credits, it is clearly a push in the back. If an umpire came out, blew their whistle and stopped the show from starting, it would rule.

Neighbors, like life in general, needs way more pop culture references. Their mining of the movie Ghost World was truly plagiaristic brilliance, and should be repeated (for those who missed it, when Skye was introduced she was a blatant rip-off of the Enid character. Wacky hair, a taste for Bollywood, and even following creepy old guys around. A few months later, however, Boyd approached Skye and accused her of copping all of her moves from Ghost World. Imagine plagiarising a movie, then detailing to everyone exactly which parts you shamelessly bit! The chutzpah of those writers is unbelievable).

It strikes me that the real lives of Neighbors actors is often more interesting than their characters; Doctor Karl is president of the Media and Entertainment Arts Alliance (the actors union), Susan is an out and proud lesbian, Joe Scully was a coke addict. Where possible, these real life dramas should overlap with Neighbors storylines.

Ads during Neighbors should be screened for age appropriateness. I don't need to see that teflon pots ad with the old lady's fully sick tribal tattoo while I'm indulging in my early-evening soap. That's not making me want to buy pots. That's mocking me.

And, whenever there is a TV playing in the background, it should be playing old episodes of Neighbors. This would be especially awesome if Paul was filmed watching TV and the barely-audible background audio featured him.

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