Thursday, August 21, 2008

When You're Living Your Life, That's The Price You Pay.

Some bad news. Rick Pilmore, former lead singer of Stawell's only ever grind band, HAW, just passed away. The classifieds in the Stawell Times News are all from his football friends, and don't really acknowledge that in the last few years of highschool he moved away from them a bit and started getting into punk. Sure, that also meant he started smoking a lot of pot, but that's not really the point. He was changing, and even in his death we should acknowledge that. I'm no great believer in any kind of afterlife, but fuck, Rick Pilmore, wherever you are now, I hope they're playing Minor Threat.

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long friend of Ricks said...

Well yes the dope smoking is the point really!!! Unfortunately if Rick layed low on the drugs, the chances are, his mental health would not have deteriorated and Rick would be here to sing along with you.

Those with long standing mental health issues are 30 -50% more likely to commit suicied.