Monday, September 8, 2008

All So Close To Breaking.

Everyone seems to be blogging at the moment, which makes me not want to do it, but well, when something strikes you so profoundly you can't help but start tap tap tapping at those keys. Seeing Jamie Hay play solo at the Arthouse last night was one of those moments.

It'd been a while. Fear Like Us seem to be on indefinite hiatus, and A Death In The Family seem to tour overseas more than they play here. So I guess I may have forgotten how awesome it is to see Jamie on stage. He sings with such earnest passion, such good nature, all the while attacking his guitar like he's still in Conation. Whom he covered last night. Along with Waxwing, Rumbleseat and Fear Like Us. I've written at length before about his ability to structure songs, but don't think I've mentioned the man's ability to select the perfect cover. Indeed, I think the first time I spoke to him was about a cover - the song 'Gamble', which appears on a Propagandhi record but is actually a Lowest Of The Low song. That our relationship has continued beyond my first obnoxious approach is testamount to his amiable personality. And when you're a solo performer, your personality is really all you got. There weren't many folks at the Arthouse last night, but I'm almost certain that everyone there was three quarters in love with Jamie by the end of his set. I know I was.

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