Monday, June 22, 2009


Gunning it down Beaconsfield Parade during Global Gutz on Saturday night I catch up to Lane, take my turn on the front and keep pulling away. He drops the wheel and I drop the pace so he can jump back on. "Don't fucking wait for me!" He yells, "You've gotta beat the whole world!"
"Yeah," I answer, "But we won't beat the whole world unless we work together."
Sure, it's a cheesy sentiment. But one of the simple facts in cycling, whether it be road, track, mountain, cross or street, is that two riders can go faster than one. And three riders can go faster than two. Like I mentioned before, apart from when Lane would gain significant distance on us through traffic, he, Campbell and I pretty much rolled turns for the whole 21ks, working together to defeat riders on five different continents. And it seems our plan worked out pretty fucking well.

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