Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tonight In Jungleland.

The main reason I have so much fun track racing is not because I enjoy winning, although that doesn't hurt. No, for me the most fun nights are when there are different things going on, different strategies colliding together, and from the midst of that chaos a result is somehow produced. Different plans for different races succeed at different times, but the same plan can never be counted on to work every time. You have to mix it up, change it up, make it up as you go along. Last week, for example, I took off early in the scratch race, gained a couple of bike lengths and was able to hold off Stu Grimsey for the win. This week, however, the group was too fast, and that wasn't going to cut it. In the motorpace, after the motorbike had come off, I stuck to Josh Vicino's wheel until the last corner. I could hear Cuz Bro coming over the top of me - he breathes loudly - and knew that he'd outsprint me if he had a decent position. So I let myself veer out a little bit, edged him towards the fence and used the extra roll off the banking to pick up the extra speed I needed to get past Josh. It was totally different to what I'd managed the week before, and it worked out. I wouldn't have cared if it hadn't. The racing was sweet, and that's what keeps me coming back.

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