Friday, July 24, 2009

We Need A Different Point Of View.

I'm pretty picky about how I learn how to do things. Generally I read a lot, watch a few people do it, then attempt to figure it out from there. Occasionally I'll ask people for help, but the minute they get too didactic teenage Brendan steps in and stops listening altogether. I'm pretty picky, therefore, about who I ask for help. So trying to find a coach over the past few months has been difficult. I've come pretty far with my cycling over the past ten or so months - particularly on the track - and am keen to keep on improving at the same rate. But reading a lot, watching folks, then attempting to figure it out myself isn't going to cut it. I simply don't know enough, and the ridiculous deluge of information on the internet isn't specific enough to help. So I'm left in the situation I find myself in right now: still improving, but frustrated that I'm not improving faster. Thirty years of knee-jerk reaction, stubbornness and bloody-minded independence have brought me to this point. And I thought it would be my body that held me back.

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