Monday, December 7, 2009

Tell Him It Will Be Alright.

I'm old - 30 years old, to be exact - and as such my body can't take the same beating it used to when I was 15 and altogether much springier. These days I need a whole host of healthcare professionals to keep me standing upright. Here are those three men:

Scooter at Impact Massage:

Some find it ironic that a bloke with a reputation for being just a little bit grumpy at times has gone into the healing professions, but for me it just makes sense. About once a month I go to see Scooter and he makes me cry. Simple as that. Of course he likes it. But two days later I feel like I have my 15 year old body back again, and I like it too. He's a bike messenger, founder of the Cannonball Run, soigneur for various national cycling teams and not nearly as irritable as the legend suggests. He also has excellent taste in music - I'll take Studio One classics over Greatest Hits of Running Through The Rainforest any day, thank you.

Dom at First Place Osteo:

That's Dom over there on the right, working on someone from the Rapha Condor team. A bloke who was recommended on Andy's Site once upon a time, but whose palarmes stretch much further than that. He's worked on a variety of teams, is a closet Specials fan and was a decent roadie himself back in the day. He also has a bike fit studio out the back of First Place where he videos you riding your own bike, so both he and you can get a decent look at your riding position. My first stop for a bike fit, and when my back needs a crack.

Dr Andrew Garnham at Alphington Sports Medicine:

Yeah, that's him presenting at some sports medicine conference. Dom actually recommended him as the one man in the world brave enough to have a close look at my saddle sores. He not only did that, but he also procured an MRI for my dodgy knee, made sure my blood levels were solid and didn't give me a lecture when I told him I was vegan (turned out he's a vegetarian himself). The only bad thing about Andrew is that he's incredibly in demand - when he was away on the Sun Tour earlier this year I had to wait a month for an appointment. When you're good, you get that.

And that's about it. I've also started with a physio, but I've only been twice. The first time she asked if I was a model. I'll definitely go back.

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