Monday, December 14, 2009

Two Sides To Every Story.

The Drags have come and gone. Usually, after an event, I write a long and drawn out race report, but this time I figure it's better to let the pictures tell the story.

1st - The JAMS
2nd - Chamazing
3rd - Tank J

Fastest qualifier - Heatseeker (16.94 over 200m, from a standing start)

Best Dressed - Shifterdan and Blue Nightie Steve

Prize for taking the most rubbish home - LAM

Thanks heaps to Shannon and Mike from Knog, Jona from Supreme, Rahne and Coopz for waving flags and Blakey Britney for handicapping and Nik Cee for being his usual awesome Nik Cee self.

More pics available here, here and here.

Blog review by people other than me available here and here. The latter I kinda love. It's always interesting to see how we're perceived from the outside.

Apparently we're a little strange.


Kim Ong said...

Hey you guys.... Did you enjoy last night's wheel race? Saw the forum, you guys are hillarious. Lolz.

Anonymous said...

Geez.. that girl in the black hot pants was sexy!