Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Get The News I Need From The Weather Report.

I did three PBs at the State Omnium Championships yesterday and it still wasn't enough to win the damn thing. And you know when you're building up to something big, then get sick as soon as it's over? Yeah, well, here I am. Sneezing so much that it's getting tough to make out the letters on the screen.

The details aren't all that interesting. I did a 1.10.55 in the kilo, knocking a good second off my former PB, and an 11.42 in the flying 200, taking 0.3 off my former PB there. I also had a crack at my first ever 3km pursuit, and did a 3.39.something, which would've put me on track for a 4.52 4km, and I would've been happy with that. The first scratch race knocked me off my pedestal a bit though - I must've got a bit cocky after the first two PBs, and went into the race with a gear that was once again a bit too heavy. I ended up with a fourth there, which sent me down the rankings. Serves me right for thinking I was better than the heat, the humidity and my own tired legs. Still, I managed to salvage a second place in the second scratch race (held instead of a points race due to the small numbers), which put me back on the podium - if only just - and had Greg Brunt referring to me as "the 3rd place specialist". Eleven hours in a skinsuit and another bronze medal. I think I'll spend today in bed to make amends.

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