Monday, January 10, 2011

The Same Hot Blood.

My current coach used to coach Leigh Howard, and a while back he came to speak to us. I listened pretty hard, and one thing in particular stuck in my brain: that your motivation ebbs and flows. Some days you're so stoked to be riding that you even smile through your efforts, but other days you don't even want to look at your bike. This has been painfully true for me over the past few days. I kinda came off the Christmas Carnivals on a high, and felt like my form was exactly where it should be. But then I did the Bay Crits, where I battled it out with national-level cyclists, and where I wasn't quite as successful. I've been doubting my fitness ever since.

Ah, well. This is where that faith comes in. Whether it's true or not, I believe that if I keep working my ass off - on the bike, in the gym and in the studio - then I'll improve. I'll get some runs on the board and the results will come.

You know who knows about faith (especially the non-religious kind, which is the only variety I endorse)? The Boss.

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