Saturday, April 25, 2009

The New City.

So, I went out on the bike today. Caught the train to Beaufort with every intention of riding all the way back. It started raining in Ballarat, where the temperature was hovering around 5 degrees. Stopped in Gordon for directions. When I walked into the pub some dorky 14 year old kid in a keffiyeh was singing some hymn a cappella. Everyone stood in thrall. Then they turned and looked at me, drenched to the bone and shivering uncontrollably. After their initial surprise they asked if I was a) Shane Kelly and b) stone cold crazy. I was required by the matron de maison to not wear my footy boots inside - which was pretty easy to comply with. The regulars were having a field day. One of them mentioned the train station in Ballan, which proved too tempting to resist. Eight hours after leaving home I'm back in bed, finally warm again.

And you? Spend a couple of hours inside on the rollers, did you? How'd that go?

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