Saturday, April 10, 2010

Had It Right Here, Now It's Gone.

Oh man, I'm so wrecked right now. The omnium has come and gone. I knocked another second off my kilo time (1.11.?), finally broke twelve seconds over the flying 200 (11.7) and did a weird middle distance two kilometre pursuit in about two and a half minutes. Scrounged a second in the scratch and the points and came home with a medal. Pretty happy with that.

But what I'm even more happy about, in my current state of exhaustion, is the next six weeks. In which I intend to still ride my bike, but without any intensity whatsoever. As I mentioned here, my body needs the rest. I'll roll around, do some long rides, sleep late on the weekend and drink more coffee. If you've barely seen me for the past twelve months, now would be a good time to give me a call.

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