Friday, April 23, 2010

I Don't Talk To Sun Reporters.

Saturday morning grab-bag:

Eleanor of Helmets Are Hot fame is in the running to become the Melburn-Roobaix 'Black Sheep'. You can vote for her extremely witty and well-presented entry here. She's number four.

I just read on No Whip that a woman by the name of Deanna Adams is riding the Arizona Trail 750, which is a 750 mile race through some pretty intense country, and furthermore is self-supported - you have to carry your own gear. There's even a stage where you have to carry your own bike. If that doesn't sound crazy enough for you, she's doing it fixed. And you thought you were tough because you finished Escape from the Suburbs last week.

Warburton Cycle Fest is next week, and I strongly encourage each and every one of you to make the trek out there for some awesome bike fun. You could even catch the train to Lilydale then take the rail trail from there. I'll be racing in the CX race on Sunday morning - god I hope they have a singlespeed category - and Nik and I will be organizing the 'Fixie Omnium' later in the day.

And, finally, to put a nice lid on the "Women What Kick Ass" theme that has developed here, the Thursday Night Ladies Ride is taking off again. They're a pretty damn awesome crew of female cyclists, and if you happen to tick both of those boxes you should rock up.

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