Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hungry People Don't Stay Hungry For Long.

I got the call when I was in a "meeting" over coffee this morning. "I think we should start back up earlier than planned," it said, "we're going to get you into the gym, work on your core strength, do a lot of endurance efforts."

Purely by coincidence, I'd been doing some maths earlier in the day, and figured out that I was actually planning to have seven weeks off, rather than six. Six weeks didn't sound like too long - that's about how much time I get off work over summer - but seven weeks sounded like a long time. A lot of hours in front of the TV, watching Masterchef and eating the terrible chips Casey's mum keeps buying us. A lot of time for muscles to atrophy and bellies to swell. Sure, I've been belting around the trails occasionally, and doing Pilates twice a week, but it's not the kind of sustained physical punishment I've come to know and love.

So I was kind of missing it anyways, and wasn't too disappointed when the call came. It's not going to change too many of my plans for this month - I'm still hoping to do this on Sunday, this the following weekend, this the weekend after that and then, on the last Sunday of the month, this. After all that though, I'll be doing exactly what the coach says - nothing more, nothing less.

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