Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Just Sit And Watch The Boxcars.

This ain't no pro cycling blog, but I am going to to briefly mention some results from the US Pro Cycling Championships. Well, one in particular. Men's Time Trial - 1st Place - Dave Zabriskie.

Why is this a big deal? Well, partially just because Zabriskie is kind of an oddball, and in the world of pro cycling any kind of personality doing well should be celebrated.

But Zabriskie is also known for being a tad, well, mercurial. On the Tour of California coverage the other day Phil Liggett suggested that on any given day you never quite know which DZ is going to turn up - the one who destroys all comers, or the one whose head isn't quite in the game.

Lately it's been the former of these two options turning up, and I can't help but speculate about it having something to do with his decision to follow a plant based diet. Sure, a correlation doesn't always mean causation, but the timing is about right, and there is some evidence out there to support the claim that a diet high in plant based carbohydrates does boost endurance (link coming when Casey finds it for me...). And in a superstitious bunch like the pro pelaton, it only takes a couple of vastly improved results for everyone else to wonder about the new training methods / new bike / new diet. With DZ, it's the latter they should be paying atttention to - especially now that everyone is a bit more wary of steak.

Another article on DZ going vegan here.

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