Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It Keeps Us In Line.

I'm sick at the moment, and have been ordered by the doctor to take three days off work and one whole week off the bike. This has led to me being pretty freaking bored. So I go for a little wander around the internet. Now, there's a pretty good chance that if you're reading this blog, you're a bike nerd of some description. So you will understand what wandering around on the internet means: looking at bike parts and deciding you desperately need to upgrade. This is pretty much where I'm at right now. Unfortunately, at my house we have a "one in, one out" policy (for bikes of like design ie. road bike in = road bike out. If I were buying a CX bike I wouldn't have to sell anything.), which in turn means that I'm selling my track frame. I don't really like to advertise on this blog, but hey, I want this exchange sorted ASAP. So here's the low down:

Item: 2008 Carbon Teschner Track Pro
Item Condition: Very good
Location: Thornbury
Price and price conditions: Special blog price of $1400
Contact Details: brendanrocks@hotmail.com
Size: 57cm x 57cm
Reason for selling: Upgrade-itis

Selling my 2008 Carbon Teschner Track Pro. Comes with Teschner forks and Campy Record headset.

This bike is super stiff, and would suit someone either looking to take that next step on the track - or someone who wants to out-bling their friends at the next alleycat.

No the forks are not drilled for a brake. And no, i wouldn't recommend it.

Bike has one small scratch on the top tube from transportation. It is also missing one of the dropout screws, which is a bit weird. I've been riding without it since November last year.

The bike has only ever been ridden on the street once, and that was down to the track. A distance of three blocks. It wasn't raining at the time.

Currently still built up, so you can have a test ride if you like. This means there are no pictures of the frame alone, but here's some shots of me riding it:

Just think. That could be you!


Anonymous said...

What are you upgrading to Brendan?

brendan said...

not telling!