Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Married! Buried!

Mere weeks after finally shaking this unusual, out-of-the-ordinary, undetectable illness and I end up with a usual, ordinary, obvious, garden-variety cold. I'm not heaps surprised - everyone else around me was dropping like flies two weeks ago, and I work with kids, who we all know are mobile germ factories. It's only a slight cold, so I'm currently training through it, but if it gets any worse I'm going to have to miss another couple of days, then spend a few more days easing back into it. For crying out loud! In the meantime, I'm full to the gills with garlic and vitamin C tablets, spending as much time in bed as possible, and only riding when the program tells me to do so. It's supposed to be warm on the weekend though. That'll help.

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Anonymous said...

theres a 'charles in charge' episode where he yells out in a crowded noisy pizzeria "I WANNA MARRY YOU" just as the jukebox is turned off. one of his charges says 'maybe he said "i wanna bury you"'. anyway.