Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Plain Gold Ring.

Here's today's public service announcement, which I made in an interview with some community TV show a while back, but which failed to make the cut.

Bike lanes don't make cycling safer. They do, however, provide the illusion of safety - a white line on the ground is no more than that. And, given that one of the barriers to cycling is the misconception that it is unsafe, an illusion of safety is perhaps enough to encourage more people to ride their bikes. More people on bikes makes cycling safer, through an increased awareness, shared responsibility, and sheer weight of numbers. So I guess bike lanes do make cycling safer.

Incidentally, the comment that did make the cut was, "People like riding fixies for the same reason they like skateboarding: because it's bad ass."


Spiro said...

fixies are so 2008

'cross is the new bad ass

Anonymous said...

Bike lanes work in 3 ways. Firstly they provide a defined space where motor traffic can expect to see bikes. Secondly, better delineation makes for more disciplined driving. Thirdly and importantly, slightly narrowing driving lanes (which bike lanes often do) provides a visual cue for motorists to reduce speed - they do this instinctively for the most part.
The second and third points have been proven by years of rod safety research.

nexus said...

Bullshit ! Cars don't slow down just because there are bike lanes around. And 'more disciplined driving'? Wtf... Melbourne's drivers are shockers! People are scared to ride on our roads.
See below..