Sunday, September 11, 2011

Progress Overdue.

The new program arrived in my inbox early last night. It's my first real program since being sick, and - while it's still not full tilt - it certainly has the appearance of a normal, healthy person program. A lot of road miles, two ergos a week and, most excitingly, a return to track racing. Man, I'm nervous about this. It's been a bloody long time since I've raced on the track - since last year's Austral, I think. I know I'm currently a long way from being in form, and know that this means I'll spend a lot of time suffering at the back of the bunch over the next few weeks. My ego will no doubt take a few hits, but I think it's gigantic enough to withstand it. After all, I'm not aiming to be fast in September. I'm aiming to be fast in March.

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