Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Action Retraction Action

In a conversation with Pete Hyde from Collapsed Toilet Vietnam about the entry below he essentially tells me that I need to go do some research, so I know what the fuck I'm talking about. And he has a point. So I go do a little. And I discover that they're even better than I thought they were. They're purposefully putting themselves out of their comfort zone, playing awkwardly-configured drums, nearly unrecognizable guitar and a one string bass as fast and as brutal as they fucking can, making music that turns limitation into a virtue, in what is apparently the noisegrind tradition. The genre, apparently, was founded (in the punk tradition, I might add) by guys who couldn't play so great, but who just wanted to play fast, noisy and brutal. It also seems to be more of a two way street than I at first assumed, with noise musicians turning their hands to grind and and grind musicians slowing the fuck down a bit and playing noise pretty often. CTV do the former with brutality and intelligence. Don't be mistaken; these guys know exactly what they're doing - as opposed to me, perhaps.

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Mark Groves said...

Hi Brendan. Your writing re:CTV is fine! The only passage I would question is this:

"CTV brings the expertise of four of Melbourne's most established noise musicians together".

This is really very far from the case. Most established? Well not even close really. Otherwise, thanks for the kinds words man.