Monday, November 26, 2007

Here Come The Drums

Leith, Tegan and I have a vision for our summer project. The vision encapsulates the best parts of Milemarker, early Chumbawamba, late Kill Sadie, and Bruce Springsteen. The vision includes sweaty bodies shaking manically on dancefloors across this fair city. The vision embraces all comers, from hardcore kids desperate to dance or indie kids finally shaking off their too-cool-for-school personas. The vision, however, is lacking a drummer. If you are prepared to watch everyone else rock out revolution style while keeping perfect time, drop me a line. Serious types and introverts need not apply.


Leith said...

It should be pointed out that, despite your inspirations, this band will really sound like a wall of noise with a beat.

Anonymous said...

oh, i see.