Saturday, November 17, 2007

Joey, I'm Not Angry Any More

The other night, in a very cramped Loophole gallery, I tried talking with Fjorn about the disparity between the music we listen to when we're at home, and the music we go to see live. I've known her for a while, and know that her real passion is wanky experimental noise (my term, not hers). And really, the music I keep running to for shelter is best described as indie - and sometimes classic - rock. Yet we keep bumping into each other at hardcore and screamo shows. She was drunk and I was annoyed, but we seemed to meet somewhere in the middle. "The difference," she said, "is that when we're out, we're not just looking for music. We're looking for a performance."

But this raises a number of questions: Do the indie rock musicians and the noise artists that we love in our bedrooms automatically give shitty performances (anecdotal evidence tends to answer in the affirmative, but I'm quite comfortable with being proven incorrect). Are the loud and fast bands we see when we're out really not that good? And really, why aren't we searching out bands that are a combination of both? I want a local band who I can listen to when I'm falling asleep, and when I'm rowdy. You know, other than Fear Like Us.

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