Friday, November 23, 2007

No Rock And Roll Fun

Flesh Vs Venom play their last show for the year tonight and I only find out about an hour beforehand. What the fuck? I'm their biggest fan in the whole wide world. I say nice things about them on the internet. I would happily follow them around the country, tending to their every need. And yet there I was, busting my gut to get there on time. Fortunately I had forgotten about punk time, which is just like normal time but one hour later, so when I arrived the atrocious These Hands Could Separate The Sky were still playing. Which gave me time to tell Leith that for the hour previous I'd been at a comedy show, at which the one and a half minutes of SexyBack I'd heard while leaving the building brought me considerably more pleasure than the entire hour of "comedy" preceding. That's not too much of an insult. It's a fucking great song. Eventually Flesh go on, totally rule, then finish. Kody is sticking around to see Chainsaw Girls, but after half a song I've had enough, and ride really fucking fast the whole way home.

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