Thursday, May 21, 2009

Exile Town.

Stoked on new wheels, I turn up for roller training late and a little pissed off. I've forgotten my stuff for yoga afterwards, haven't thought about dinner, and have just come out of a meeting (I was going to write 'a frustrating meeting', but realized that it was a tautology and decided against it). So I change into my kit and start smashing it. Nath bails out early and offers to provide some resistance. I tell him I'm fine, and that I'll just spin faster. But on the final effort he wedges a broom in between my rear roller and the floor. It takes me by surprise, and I momentarily let the cadence drop below one hundred. But I grind it out and before long the smell of melting nylon fills the room. That's right. I melted fabric with the sheer force of my legs. Next week I hope to steam some red bean buns with the heat escaping from the top of my head.

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