Monday, May 11, 2009

I Told You.

here's the lowdown.

riders will be given a map with a series of checkpoints. each checkpoint will be worth a different amount of points. you do not have to go to every checkpoint - indeed, it will be impossible to do so, as all riders must return to the museum by 8.30, and there will be lots. riders returning after the time limit will have points deducted. the rider with the most points will win!

the puzzle parts of the equation will be a) deciding which checkpoints to hit and b) answering the questions at each checkpoint. tricky stuff!

there will, of course, also be prizes for first noob, first out-of-towner, DFL, first person to finish who is of the opposite gender to the winner, person who hit the furtherest checkpoint, etc, etc.

ride anything you want - fixed, free, gears, hybrid, mountain bike, bmx, chopper, whatever.

sponsor details coming soon.


Buttons said...

do you need a bike for this?

brendan said...

yes. but you could do it on your bike. it'd be fun, trust me.