Friday, May 15, 2009

You Mean Competitor, Whatever.

The history of cycling as a sport is defined by corporate interests, from the Tour de France (begun as a way to sell newspapers) to the Northern Combine races that torture me on the weekends, sponsored in part by clothing manufacturer Ventou. Our team jerseys are littered with logos and our favourite riders have their pictures on our energy bars. It's what keeps the sport alive, like it or not. I choose to like it. If a company chooses to invest in events that are environmentally ok, encourage a healthy lifestyle and are also totally sweet to boot, then I'm provisionally down. Hell, it's better than them investing in the Grand Prix.

I've had events sponsored in the past, but had never thought about being a supported rider until Nath suggested I go talk to the folks at the Fitzroy Revolution. So I did. And they, despite having read this blog, decided to pick me up. I'll be riding in their team colours for the first time less than twelve hours from now.

Wish me luck.