Friday, January 6, 2012

I'll Be Out On That Hill With Everything I Got.

Sean "The Man" Hurley / Flyin' Ryan Schilt / Yours Truly

Oh, and I forgot this story until this morning: Over the Carnivals the Juniors were usually on in the afternoon, the Seniors in the evening. We'd arrive a little early, so there'd be some overlap, which gave us the opportunity to find out how the Brunswick kids were doing. My Fitzroy Revolution teammate Flyin' Ryan Schilt in particular seemed to be killing it, the benefits of four rounds of the National Junior Track Series plain for everyone to see.

I ran into him again in Shepparton, looking all tired and worn, and asked him how he went. "Not too bad," he replied, "Won a couple of races. How about you?"
I shrugged my shoulders and mumbled something about not going so great and the racing being pretty tough.
"Maybe," the thirteen-year-old started, "You need to listen to some Bruce Springsteen."

So I did.

It seemed to help.

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