Sunday, January 15, 2012

There Was So Much Space That I Cut Me A Piece.

Post-500th post funk over and done with, we now return to our regular programming.

I took some noobs - who also happen to be good friends - around the track today. It was pretty rad. A few of them hadn't even ridden fixed before, so there was a fair bit of practicing stopping and starting. We rolled up and down the infield a bit, played some games, then headed out on to the track. By the end of the day all of them had reached the top of the banks, and most of them were able to roll turns with the bunch. We even had a mock race, which I didn't win. I was pretty stoked for them all.

Afterwards we went for coffee. It's been a while for me, and I'd kinda forgotten what it's like to sit at a cafe, sweaty and worn from exertion, and talk shit about the race or training session immediately before. It's pretty nice. That's what it's like.

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