Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm Certainly Not Pleased With My Options For The Future.

Ok, Friday roundup. I got a bunch of stuff this week, and a decent amount of time to write about it. So here goes.

First of all, the second edition of DISC-O track is on Saturday night. I missed the first and will definitely be missing the second. Why? Because the footy team I have chosen to support through the finals is playing, and I'm going to go. Deciding which team was tough. My favorite team, Essendon, didn't make it. Everyone's second favorite team, Footscray, didn't make it. So eventually I settled on Nic Natanui. I don't care much about the rest of the Eagles (although they do seem to do an excellent line in hipster beards, and I did live in Perth for a little bit, and I have a soft spot for Daniel Kerr, and... and... ), but fuck I love that big bloke with the weird dreads. Anyways, if you can't bring yourself to barrack for a non-Victorian team, you should go down to Thornbury and check out DISC-O Track. Because barracking for Collingwood is obviously not an option.

Speaking of track racing, the good people at Northcote Cycling Club are doing a bunch of different and interesting things on Thursday nights throughout September. This Thursday coming there's a sweet teams events, where points are awarded for placings through the four different events. Blackburn have entered a team that looks unbeatable, but, all going to plan, Team SOP will be there to cast the cat among the pigeons. They're worth befriending on Facebook, Northcote, because the stuff they have coming up sounds like a lot of fun - including a 100km Madison. That's 400 laps!

And, in non-track related news, the Victorian Cyclocross Championships are on next week. More information seems to be leaking out about this every day, including start times and a map. Man, that's a sweet location. I thought about it for Dirty Deeds, back in the day, but figured it was probably a bit out of town for our particular demographic (you know, hipsters). But hell, Cycling Victoria are used to running races in far-flung, weird-ass places like Gippsland or Mildura or Geelong, so this is pretty much right next door for them. And in their infinite foolishness, they indulged my ever increasing vanity, told me I was 'the voice of Victorian Cyclocross', and asked me to do the commentary. So I'll be there pretending I know all sorts of things, hopefully with Hamish (who actually knows all sorts of things*) by my side.

And that's about it. Man, wasn't it awesome to have a taste of spring this week? I even wore shorts for a little bit. Strange that even though I'm not racing my bike much any more, I still shave my legs. A life with hairy legs is incomprehensible to me at this point.


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