Monday, September 10, 2012

Vulnerability Is Power.

"I try to keep Heavy Metal Monday a bit lighthearted," James tells me, "because, you know, the rest of the blog can be, uhh, a bit introspective, at the moment."

I laugh awkwardly, recognizing the obvious truth. Later in the evening, looking over other entries, I also realize that it's been some time since I've really written about cycling. Instead I've been focusing on my illness, my own constantly changing existence, myself. This latter truth was a bit more difficult to come to, symbolizing, as it possibly does, a change in interest on my part. I still love cycling - I think I always will - but these days other things are more important.

What this means for the blog I'm not quite sure. It's already undergone a series of significant changes - it's certainly not about punk rock very often these days - and the byline (Melbourne Cycling At Its Best And/Or Worst) is often definitionally bent to my whimsical will. I'll keep writing, sure, but aside from the major events that I love to report on - like the Austral, the Bendigo Madison, the Tour, the Worlds - I'm certain that as I'm riding less, I'll be less interested in writing about the day-to-day experience of riding.

In the meantime, I'll keep asking notable local cyclists to do Music Wednesday for me, James will keep doing Heavy Metal Monday, and I'll keep listing interesting events (sometimes cycling related) in the Friday Roundup. But I'm making no promises about the Tuesday and Thursday posts. Who the hell knows what those are going to be about? Probably mostly about bikes still, because I do love them, but not always.

Things are changing. These are exciting times.

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