Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We're Gonna Break Even

After going out with FJ on Saturday night, Cam McKenzie has earned a right of reply.

  • I very much enjoyed Jamesy's recollection of our Saturday night. Since I've had far too many coffees today and can't sleep, I have put together a collection of songs I wish we'd found playing somewhere. Rugs would have been cut. If you open a club that plays this kind of stuff, I'm pretty sure I will move back to Melbs permanently and you will have the entire New Timer crew on your doorstep as you open, every Saturday. Would that be good for business? Unclear.

    For each song, I have extracted a relevant youtube comment and commented on the comment.

    Ginuine - Pony [Timbaland Remix]

    atlpeach93: "a tight dance routine can be made to this song"

    Cam: Good point ATL Peach. I just made a tight dance routine to this song in my pyjama pants. It isn't even hard.

    Beyonce feat. Jay Z - Crazy in Love

    WhiteTigerLeon: "I feel old as hell listening to this lol I remember when it first came out waaaay back when I was like 10 o.0 lol I'm 18 now, where the hell did time go :(("

    Cam: Fuck you White Tiger Leon lol. Your name sounds vaguely racist and you are making me feel old. o.0 Go to Billboards or some shit. Stop commenting on songs I like. :((

    Jay-Z feat. Beyonce - Bonnie and Clyde

    eminemsbitch01: "shes stunning like holy shit her body is incredible, her voice is sexy af, the gurl can MOVE! her face is perfect i mean.... beyonce is amazing. never seen anything like her"

    Cam: Good point, eminemsbitch01.

    J-Kwon - Tipsy

    gibbsisawesome: "How could anyone NOT know this song before they saw Project X?! I remember this song being HUGE when it came out, and I was nine! If you didn't know this song when it came out, you gotta be like, 12 or some shit."

    Cam: I don't know what project X is but I appreciate gibssisawesome's enthusiasm for this, one of the true party jams. And yeah, if you didn't know this song when it came out, you gotta be like, 12 or some shit.

    Britney Spears - Toxic

    QueenGodneySpears [1]:

    QueenGodneySpears [2]:

    Cam: fkyeahbro.

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    Death Race said...

    Fucking hell, Toxic is such a track.