Thursday, September 6, 2012

Something About You, Girl.

Friday Roundup Time! I got about five minutes before I gotta go meet Jen Jen in Brunswick. I'm currently in Reservoir. This is not going to be a quality post. But hey, thanks for bearing with me when I was wrecked last night. It doesn't happen often these days, mostly because I'm not killing myself out on the bike any more, but every now and then I'm pretty much incapable of forming sentences. Poor FJ. I'd ask him some question, because that's what friends do, and then just stare blankly at him while he replied. It wasn't great. This is the worst thing that the fatigue does - it makes me unable to converse. That sucks.

Anyways, here's what's happening! Tonight Outright are playing. They are possibly my favorite current Melbourne live band. Check them out. And then tomorrow you should go and race in the Captain Planet Alleycat, because they have the best Alleycat trophy I've ever seen. And then, on Sunday, you're left to your own devices. Check out next Saturday night though, because another edition of Disco Track is coming your way. And that's it. See ya!

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