Sunday, October 28, 2007

i can see right through you.

Tuned into the ARIAs just in time to catch Missy Higgins. I don't have a remote, and I'm concerned that in the time it took me to rise from the couch, stumble over to the TV and hit the off switch I may have suffered irreparable brain damage. I mean, seriously, Missy, stop fucking whining so much. You seem like a smart girl. Take a look around. Put away your fucking electric keyboard, pick up a guitar and sing about something that matters.

In the hope of actually enlightening my newly deformed brain I threw on 'Germ Free Adolescents' by X-Ray Spex. Let's face it, there aren't many bands from punk's inception that stand the test of time (and as an aside, if I see another kid with a GBH patch - or worse, GBH written in studs on the back of a leather jacket - I will smack them upside the head), but Germ Free Adolescents sounds like it could've been made yesterday. Sure, it would've been made by a rock-punk band (the saxophone in particular makes me think Rocket From The Crypt), but fuck, no one who's anyone bothers genre splitting any more. Poly Styrene's lyrics are surprisingly prescient, especially given that a) thirty years have gone by and b) she was only 19 when she wrote them. They're a band that not enough people know about, so get on board and win mad scene points.

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