Thursday, October 4, 2007

so, it seems like every second person on facebook has some photo of themselves with a black person in whatever fucking country they visited for three days as their profile picture, but no black people in their friends list. there's such a disturbing sense of Otherness... like, "look at the different people i'm hanging out with! i'm so multicultural and awesome! because they're black! see!" like fuck, they might as well just wear a badge saying, "i love black people!"

and i'm trying desperately to come up with a slight against this in my status update, but saying "brendan is not impressed by those photos of you holding black babies" just doesn't sound right. sounds like i disapprove of them holding black babies, not the photo and how they're showing it off like it's a fucking souvenir spoon. it's the implicit racism i have a problem with, not their cradling techniques.

chumbawamba once released a record taking a shot at live aid called "pictures of black babies sell records". that's the vibe i want here. help a brother out.

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