Friday, October 12, 2007

what decency deserves.

Saw Soiled Stroller (aka the diamond sea, aka slow signal, aka milky joe and the sweet chinchillas) at 383 house last night. There are so many things right about this band: a mic stand made from a milkcrate, a broomstick and copious amounts of gaffer; a tendency to play in livingrooms and backyards to friends and people in the know; songs that are well-structured and tight; textured guitar interplay; and all-round impressive musicianship. This last reason shouldn't come as any surprise. We know Jacqui is good from her time in Terror Firma and Schifosi. We know Alicia is good from her time in Masstrauma. And we know James is good because I'm told he spent time in Jaws. The real surprise here for me is Steph Cola, who i've never seen in a band before, but whose mad guitar skills are so amazing that when she takes the lead in their cover of God's 'My Pal' I'm more impressed with their version than that played by A Death In The Family at the Espy a few weeks back. And Steve from Mid Youth Crisis sang it for them. Apparently Jacqui doesn't even know the words.

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